Jacqueline Briggs Martin – A Children’s Author’s Website

Showing Jacqueline Briggs Martin's Author website on various electronic devices

Jackie, (aka: Jacqueline Briggs Martin), is an accomplished author of children’s books. One book of hers you may have heard about, Snowflake Bentley, was the winner of the 1999 Caldecott Award.

I mentioned that I thought she needed a new website and I offered to make it for her. She agreed to let me. I was thrilled to get started, but, knew I had a lot of work to do.

In addition to streamlining and reorganizing the content flow, updating the design to work with mobile devices, we also decided to migrate almost 100 blog posts from an abandoned Blogspot account that we couldn’t access as owner/admin.

In the end, this turned out to be one of my favorite website rescues / renovations…

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The Mount Vernon Historic Preservation Commission – Website Update

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The Mount Vernon Historic Preservation Commission (MVHPC) wanted to update the design and display of their online archives, and Market Street was eager to help.

The goal of these updates was to enhance their ability to tell compelling stories about the local community over the passage of time.  We wanted to connect and engage the modern reader with the past in a visually compelling way.

We also wanted to add a number of important feature and accessibility improvements to the website.

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Walton Construction and Renovation

Showing Walton Construction and Renovation website on various electronic devices

Nick Walton’s construction company with its main office in Lisbon, Iowa is growing and he wanted to upgrade his website to reflect that growth and attract more commercial and higher end residential work for his firm.

We sat down and hammered out that we wanted to focus on showing that Walton Construction is a thriving and experienced construction company, that it has several employees and is capable of doing high-end work for commerical or residential clients.  The fit and finish of the website had to let the viewer instantly know that they were dealing with professionals.

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Mount Vernon-Lisbon Community Development Group – Website

screenshot of mobile friendly

The Mount Vernon-Lisbon Community Development Group (MVL CDG) was tired of fighting with their Joomla website. They wanted something easier to use and they knew it had to be mobile friendly.

This made my decision a simple one to make. We used WordPress with a responsive & mobile friendly theme which I customized to fit their specific needs.

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First Street Community Center – Website, Email Newsletter & Ongoing Management

screenshot of the website

This charming former High School building houses an eclectic mix of retail stores, fitness and wellness clubs, performance venues, athletic events, and professional services like “yours truly” – Market Street.

Using a full-featured events calendar, a “News” section, and an active email newsletter, the website provides promotion online that is coordinated with Facebook and Twitter social media accounts to keep the community informed of the various events coming up.

Market Street provides ongoing management services for the First Street Community Center’s website.

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City of Lisbon – a Community Website

screenshot of

The City of Lisbon already had an official .gov website. However, they wanted something more approachable and friendly.

They wanted it to feel like a neighborhood welcome wagon. They also wanted the current residents to have something that they could go to for updates on events and activities that the city has going on.

We created a WordPress website to do just that.

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First Presbyterian Church – Website

screenshot of

A simple WordPress website that allows the Pastor and anyone else setup as an authorized user to keep the congregation up to date with the latest news and activities of the church.

They can update the online event calendar, create articles and easily embed videos of the worship service into those articles, and the website automatically sends out emails to subscribers whenever a new article is published, keeping the flock in constant communication.

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