Do you attract Parking lot Bullies?

Is this just [name redacted] customers? Can you imagine what kind of demographic this personality fits? Would you really want them as your customer?

Is your branding or marketing inadvertantly drawing toxic people to you?

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One Reason I Use WordPress

WordPress is not perfect, but, I’m not going to discuss the problems it has.

Instead I’m going to focus on one huge reason in favor of using WordPress, even with it’s flaws.

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Do you DuckDuckGo? logo

Did you know Microsoft’s Bing has less market share than DuckDuckGo?

What makes DuckDuckGo special? It’s all about online privacy.

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Email from the Dark Side

man sitting at his computer while talking on the phone

This is presented for entertainment purposes only. * Nothing in this post should be construed as legal advice. *

Help your more trusting relatives, co-workers and friends learn how to protect themselves from criminals online.

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