How to Get the Best Google Search Titles – Don’t be a Jerk

Google says you should: “Focus on creating great HTML title elements. Those are by far what we use the most.”

In this article:

  1. Advice on working with Google.
  2. Several things NOT to do with web page titles.
  3. A few ideas on how to go about brainstorming and creating good web page titles.

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Do you DuckDuckGo? logo

Did you know that Microsoft’s online search engine Bing has less market share than DuckDuckGo?

Think about that for a second, DuckDuckGo had only one full time employee in 2010 working out of a basement in Valley Forge, PA, and they now have more market share than Microsoft.

So, what makes DuckDuckGo so special? It’s all about online privacy.

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Email from the Dark Side

man sitting at his computer while talking on the phone

This is presented for entertainment purposes only.

* Nothing in this post should be construed as legal advice. *

You might want to review this sort of scenario with your older and more trusting relatives, co-workers and friends. Help them learn how to protect themselves from criminals online…

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Image compression with

bored woman at laptop

I think that is important to always optimize download speed for both websites and social media. Using quality photos that download as quickly as possible is critical because the viewer is scanning content and moving on rapidly.

This is my first look at the FREE online photo optimization tool

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workplace Humor

Child asking "Daddy what are clouds made of" Father replies "Linux servers mostly..."

I challenge you to share something uniquely funny from your workplace!

Here’s my offer, a bit of nerd / geek humor…

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Think With Google – 4 Covid Era Trends

graph of marketing trends


  • E-commerce grew at a surprising pace.  10 years of e-commerce growth in just 3 months…
  • Improving your online presence means being smarter online and creating personal connections…
  • People want a personal touch and want to feel less stress.  Make it easy to work with you…
  • People are dramatically increasing their search for “XYZ near me”….

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Content Should Always Have Images or Video

man smiling with hands clenched

Humans are built to process visual content quickly for survival.  Instinctively (subconsciously) we react to what we see. Before we can even describe it with words – we’ve already decided if we like it or not. The point of this short article is simple…

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