Reducing Contact form SPAM – Using key phrases

a person punching an illustration of email spam

Sometimes spambots get past even top-tier spam protection services. Contact form spam could even be created by real people working in “SPAM farms”.

No matter how it is created, once it gets past your website’s spam filters and sent to your inbox it becomes an annoying waste of your time.

Let’s reduce the amount of this “junk” getting through …

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Popular Screen Sizes – Q3 2023

a view of several different device displays

If your website doesn’t properly display on different screen sizes your viewers will think “Other modern websites don’t do this, why am I forced to pinch and zoom or scroll off the screen?”

NOTE: If you want to learn how your website looks on today’s popular device display sizes we can test your website with our display simulator and show you.

If you want to learn what the popular screen sizes for the past 12 months are, click to continue reading …

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