Walton Construction and Renovation

Nick Walton’s construction company with its main office in Lisbon, Iowa is growing and he wanted to upgrade his website to reflect that growth and attract more commercial and higher end residential work for his firm.

We sat down and hammered out what we wanted the new website to focus on.  We wanted it to show that Walton Construction is a thriving and experienced construction company, that it has several employees, and that it is capable of doing high-end work for commercial or residential clients.  The fit and finish of the website had to let the viewer instantly know that they were dealing with professionals.

We dug through his sparse collection of job site photos and found a few gems to highlight the scope and professionalism of their work.  Nick also made it a habit to take photos of every job site “before” and “after” with his smartphone and sent them to me for review.  In addition, we put out a request for testimonials and photos from prior happy customers.  

Keeping Nick’s involvement in the copy writing to a minimum (because he was too busy) I wrote simple body copy for him and ran it past him for approval.  

The website uses a very unique and attractive layout with several “contact us” style features to increase the odds that a viewer will get in touch and start a conversation.  The use of high quality photographs and coordinating colors with their logo was fairly easy to accomplish.

This was a fun and slightly challenging build that I enjoyed thoroughly.  Nick says he loves the new site as well!

logo for Walton Construction and Renovation


Below are some “Before and After” screenshots of the old and new website

screenshot of Walton Construction's old website's homepage
Old Website’s Home Page
Screenshot of new Walton Construction Website's Homepage
New Website’s Home Page

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