Hog Iowa T-Shirts – Website

screenshot of HogIowa.com

Gary wanted to have a website that showcased his business selling custom designed farm themed Hog Iowa T-shirts.

The prior year I had helped him get a SquareUp online store setup and showed him how to use the app and check on his orders online. He wanted something more, but, wasn’t ready for a real e-commerce storefront and wanted to continue using SquareUp’s online store as his e-commerce solution.

I knew we were up against a very tight budget and came up with this “hybrid” showcase/online store using WordPress and WooCommerce. Read More …

LTM Sales – Website and Email Newsletter

screenshot of LTMSales.com

LTM Sales old website used to be difficult to maintain by the business owner and their staff.

They also wanted to be able to send out specific information tailored to specific groups of clients via email and were struggling with their previous method to do this.

This website isn’t built for looks. It’s built for ease of use and has some special features under the hood that returns dividends to the business every day. Read More …