Hog Iowa T-Shirts – Website

Gary wanted to have a website that showcased his business selling custom designed farm themed Hog Iowa T-shirts.

The prior year I had helped him get a SquareUp online store setup and showed him how to use the app and check on his orders online.  He wanted something more, but, wasn’t ready for a real e-commerce storefront and wanted to continue using SquareUp’s online store as his e-commerce solution.  

I knew we were up against a very tight budget and came up with this “hybrid” showcase/online store using WordPress and WooCommerce.

It turns out that WooCommerce has the ability to hand off the actual transaction to another service.  I used this feature along with a tiny bit of custom coding and created a “Go to online store” button that is placed in each of the T-shirt item pages so that when the button is clicked it takes the viewer over to the SquareUp online store.  

It’s a simple, yet creative way of using mature, well designed software in a slightly different way that keeps costs to a minimum yet improves on the SEO and marketing of the existing SquareUp online store solution.

In addition, I found this incredibly appropriate responsive theme, tweaked it a little and came up with this amazing little online presence for his farm themed business.

NOTE:  Recently WooCommerce introduced an exciting way to work directly with SquareUp.  I intend to use this new capability in a future e-commerce project so that you can get the best of both worlds, leveraging one of the industry’s lowest credit card transaction processors costs along the ease of use of WordPress and WooCommerce.