Email from the Dark Side

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This is presented for entertainment purposes only. * Nothing in this post should be construed as legal advice. *

Help your more trusting relatives, co-workers and friends learn how to protect themselves from criminals online.

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The Mount Vernon Historic Preservation Commission – Website Update

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The Mount Vernon Historic Preservation Commission (MVHPC) wanted to update the design and display of their online archives, and Market Street was eager to help.

The goal of these updates was to enhance their ability to tell compelling stories about the local community over the passage of time.  We wanted to connect and engage the modern reader with the past in a visually compelling way.

We also wanted to add a number of important feature and accessibility improvements to the website.

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Online Marketing Fundamentals

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The crux of this post is simple, even though it’s called the online world it’s really still all about real people and their real fears, needs and desires.

Find out what your customers like and who they are. Make your interactions enjoyable and exceed expectations.

You know your best customers like you know your own family. Or do you?
You need to look at real data, not just go with your gut feelings.

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