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Market Street is now offering simple photo editing and enhancing for our clients whether we manage their digital marketing properties or not.

We all know how important good photos are online. If the picture doesn’t look good, or has too much going on to be understood at a glance it causes the viewer to move on.

The example below takes a product photo that has a couple distractions, technically known as “stuff”. We isolate the product, the deep green leaf glass art, from the rest of the “stuff” to properly show it off. Making it easier for the viewer to focus on the item.

Our example: Canton Glass Studio’s Deep Green Leaf – fused and formed glass.

glass art "deep green leaf"

Which do you like better? The isolated image above? Or the original below?

Most people prefer the simplicity and singular focus of the photo above.

Yes, the artistic glass piece requires a bit of imagination because it is in 2D on your screen. However, most people find that it is easier to comprehend when standing alone.

This follows one of the most basic rules of sales and marketing – don’t make them think.

glass art "deep green leaf"

The original photo, shown above, was taken among a group of other pieces of art on display in the art gallery.

Once Rebecca sent me the photo I quickly removed the distracting elements and because we are helping with her digital marketing I uploaded it to her website and social media for her (creating a post and adding it to a photo gallery of similar products).

This is obviously extremely useful if you are selling your products online as well as in your bricks and mortar store.

However, even if you aren’t selling online, isolating an item helps you post it online, to your website and social media, to highlight it and create awareness and interest from your viewers.

Imagine how much time you can save with Market Street

Your current process

  1. Take each item out of the gallery, back to the office,
  2. Set it up in a photo booth,
  3. Take a picture, or two, or three…
  4. Put the item back in the gallery.
  5. Download the photo to your computer,
  6. Open up your photo editing software,
  7. Import the photo,
  8. Crop the photo,
  9. Adjust the color,
  10. Adjust the orientation,
  11. Resize the photo,
  12. Optimize the file size to improve download speed,
  13. Upload it to your website and social media
  14. Create a post with the photo
  15. Add it to a gallery of similar items…

With Market Street

  1. Walk along your display area,
  2. Put the item you want in the center of your camera’s view finder,
  3. Take a photo and send it to us, and we do the rest for you.

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We are always learning, reading and researching, testing and trying out new strategies, tactics, processes, software and solutions so you don’t have to.

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