Do you attract Parking lot Bullies?

Is this just [name redacted] customers? Can you imagine what kind of demographic this personality fits? Would you really want them as your customer?

Is your branding or marketing inadvertantly drawing toxic people to you?

So I’m at the local [name redacted] parking lot. I’ve noticed that every third or fourth vehicle coming through the parking lot is driving the opposite way that the parking lane is designed for.

In addition, other people (maybe 1 out of 8) are cutting across multiple lanes through an opening in the parking spaces to grab a spot two lanes over while another car is driving down the lane they’re cutting through.

A woman in a large SUV just cut off a family in a minivan, making the minivan stop inches from her SUV doing this exact thing. She was oblivious to the horn blasting at her. I might have even seen a smile on her face…

I don’t get out much but I can’t recall this level of “me first” parking lot hockey anywhere else.

It’s as if they’re the only ones on the planet that matter and everyone else is expected to get out of their way…

This has helped me be more comfortable with my decision to not renew my membership at [name redacted]. I have plenty of other options that don’t require me to have my head on a swivel in their parking lot.

Honestly, I was going to cancel for various other reasons, but now I feel better about doing so.

Is this an example of how a company can attract enough bad apples that it starts to impact the customer experience and even the firm’s income negatively?

Are there examples similar to this that have helped to put “the final nail in the coffin” in a decision that you’ve made recently?

It’s not just your company culture that matters, it’s also the culture of the community that patronizes and supports it. It may be the difference between success and slow painful decline.

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