If you manage a WordPress website, this report is recommended reading

Each week iThemes puts out a WordPress vulnerability report about security issues.

I read each and every one of them and check to see if any of the websites we provide management services for has something that we need to look into further.

If you are managing your own WordPress website I recommend that you subscribe to this report and read through it each week.

I’ve provided a link to this week’s report below. You can subscribe to it via a link in the report.

sometimes “Stuff” happens

99.9% of the time I don’t find anything that needs addressing. I like to think this is because we build websites using carefully vetted software from top tier developers. People that have security and performance in mind with every line of code that they type.

Even so, sometimes a new hack is developed, or a potential vulnerability is discovered.

When this happens we need to apply an update fixing the vulnerability ASAP. If there isn’t an update available yet, then the vulnerable code should be disabled and/or removed.

Easy Solution

I understand why some people might panic when they learn that their website can be attacked. But, there’s a nearly foolproof solution…

Keep your website software up to date. This usually takes care of the issue by replacing the vulnerable software with new and improved software before it becomes a problem.

BONUS: Often you get performance or feature enhancements along with the security update.

Shameless pitch: If you don’t have the time to do this yourself, you can alway have a professional service provider like Market Street take care of it for you. 😉

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Learn from us

Our website software management service automatically updates WordPress and any installed themes or plugins if they have a vulnerability and if an update exists. Furthermore, our process uses the same comprehensive, up to date database that these reports use.

We also automatically create off-site backups before doing any updates. This is for ease of restoration should there be a problem after the update. I recommend you do the same.

I’ve only had to do one restore after an update in almost 5 years. But, if I do need to, I know that I have a backup of every website we manage safely tucked away where we can get to it quickly.

Do NOT have your website backups on the same server as your website.

If there is ever a problem with the web server, or a dispute with the hosting company, having an off-server backup gives you the freedom to setup a new hosting account on a new server with a different company and restore from backup ASAP.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you haven’t learned how to actually restore a website from a backup I recommend that you try it several times until you get it mastered. If you ever need to do this you will be stressed out enough and really don’t want to be learning how to restore at that moment.

be “website worry-free”

Get in touch to have Market Street do all of the above and take care of numerous other website headaches for you.

Did you forget something?

Here’s the link to the iThemes WordPress vulnerability report for January 2022, part 2 for your review. You can subscribe to receive this report each week via email directly from iThemes, a link to do so is in the report.

Photo credit: This article’s featured image is by Kevin Ku on Unsplash.

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