a 48-Hour Head Start In The Race To Secure Your WordPress Website

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Any good WordPress website administrator is always striving to improve their ability to monitor your website for vulnerabilities and find them before they become a problem.

Recently one of my favorite security tools, iThemes Security Pro, made a significant improvement in their ability to identify threats to a WordPress website. They have integrated their vulnerability scanning component with Patchstack’s Threat Feed.

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WordPress 4.7 Just Released! Don’t Click The Update Button Just Yet…

WordPress 4.7 just released! But, wait, don’t go pressing that “Update” button just yet.

First – Make sure you’ve got access to a full backup of your entire system. Database, plugins, uploads, core software, themes, child themes, CSS customizations, etc…

Second – Make sure you know how to actually restore from your backup. Otherwise, its like you have a backup generator in the garage, with no idea of how to use it when the power goes out.

Third – Wait a few days. Seriously. As always, this update has been tested extensively with hundreds of volunteers running it on their sites and reporting back with any errors.

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