Surprisingly useful A.I. that anyone can use

I think the surprising revelation this week for me personally is how artificial intelligence tools can be easily used by anyone – not just big companies with huge wallets.

I just spent a couple of hours experimenting with DALL-E 2 and ChatGPT to see how a regular person can use Artificial Intelligence tools in their daily life. In this case I used them to make my website and content generation more efficient and effective.

the perfect digital research assistant

First off, I have to admit that I love ChatGPT. Why? I hate programming. I can do it, but, it drives me nuts with how long it takes and how boring the whole process is. YMMV.

I asked ChatGPT to write a code snippet that would set all new posts in a WordPress website to “Private” by default. A fairly simple task for someone who can read documentation and learned the right programming languages.

It did the task quickly, created the code for me to use, told me how to add it to my website and then it went on to briefly explain it to me.

I wasn’t that impressed by its ability to make the code. It was a trivial bit of text that is well documented online.

What impressed me is how it explained it to me in a concise and “friendly” manner. It wasn’t overtly sugar-coating anything, just telling me the facts in a way that was easy to understand.

This sort of thing could put me out of business, but, I love it!

After reviewing the code briefly, I’ve added it to this very website and it works perfectly.

Now I can use this website as a private journal, allowing me to keep notes on topics of interest to me personally AND as a pseudo-professional looking business website where I can meet wonderful people like you.

Imagination Unleashed

Don’t tell ChatGPT, because I know you aren’t supposed to have favorites, but, I’m thinking DALL-E is just what my creative brain needs. I had so much fun working with it to create the image added to this post.

Sure I probably spent 10x more time with DALL-E than with ChatGPT, but, the ability to get what is inside my imagination out into the world as a digital image, without having to learn a 3D rendering program and spend years in art school was soooo satisfying.

Yup, this post’s featured image was created using DALL-E 2. Yes, I know it doesn’t fit perfectly. Like DALL-E 2, I’m a work in progress.


Would you use things like this to speed up your marketing and enhance your content creation?

Have you experimented with either of these specifically? What are your thoughts?

Would you like to brainstorm how you could use tools like these in your business?


I have a lot to learn, I know I’ve just scratched the surface of what A.I. tools like these can do. I am encouraged by what I’ve seen so far.

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