LTM Sales – Website and Email Newsletter

This website isn’t built for looks.  It’s built for ease of use and has some special features under the hood that return dividends to the business every single day.  

LTM Sales’ old website used to be difficult to maintain by the business owner and their staff.  The owner wanted to be able to make changes and add content without having to hire a programmer.

They also wanted to be able to send out information tailored to specific groups of clients via email and were struggling with how to do this efficiently and effectively.

We came up with a solution using WordPress as the foundation.  We didn’t use a third-party email campaign service with expensive monthly fees.  Instead we selected a free WordPress plugin and were able to help LTM Sales refresh their website, streamline their content creation, and take charge of electronic newsletter distribution all via their website.

LTM Sales now easily creates an article highlighting a hot product for a specific group of target prospects.  They simply put a link to that article into a newsletter template, choose a list of prospects,  press a button, and the website automatically sends it out via email to all the members on that list.

Those newsletters are out generating interest.  Responses come in fast asking for even more information, and new sales are made with a minimum of effort.  All without having to learn multiple services or unnecessary expenses.

Market Street Can Help

We improve your digital outreach and online marketing to get you noticeably better results.

We can teach you how to properly make new content and perform routine maintenance of your various Internet properties.  However, if you want to save time, we are always happy to do the work for you.

Call (319) 775-0249 or email via our Contact Page so we can help be more effective and efficient online.

Who We Help

We focus on small to mid-size organizations.  Whether you are a small school district, a non-profit organization, a bricks and mortar business, 1 person entrepreneur or have 25 people on staff, Market Street can improve your online communications and get it working properly for you.

Our online marketing management services, in-depth training, coaching and comprehensive real-world consulting will help you grow, adapt online, work smarter and more effectively.

What We Do

Market Street makes easy-to-use and highly effective websites.  Websites that help you get the word out and engage with your audience.

We create comprehensive online marketing strategies and targeted marketing campaigns.  We  integrate with online social media outlets that specifically resonate with your audience.

Your content can be text, photos, graphics, audio recordings, and even videos.

You can have integrated email newsletters that automatically send articles to your subscribers, put specific content behind a members-only firewall, and auto post to your social media accounts.  Automation that saves you time and increases your engagement with new and existing clients.

Experienced Advice

Market Street has 25+ years consulting in the tech world and online marketing.  We can manage the numerous behind the scenes details to get you better results, increase efficiency, grow your audience, generate more qualified leads and real engagement.

Contact Us if you want to grow faster, work smarter and have a more effective online presence.