Google Domains Sold to Squarespace, Yuck!

Some big changes are coming soon to the DNS registrar space. If you don’t know what a DNS registrar is or how it is critical to your online presence, just ask your friendly web and Internet expert. The short explanation is that from a human perspective nothing on the Internet works without DNS.

For years I’ve recommended Google Domains as your registrar due to

  • Their aggressive pricing strategy, giving people the best bang for the buck
  • FREE Domain Name System Security Extensions
  • FREE Privacy Protection
  • Super easy integration with other Google services
  • Easy to use and understand DNS interface
  • and many other reasons…

To say that I am not exactly thrilled about the Google announcement (listed below) is a huge understatement. However, reviewing and handling technical headaches for things like this is a routine part of the value that Market Street provides.

I’ll be honest, I knew this was coming for a while, been researching and testing dozens of options and I have what I think is an even better service provider to recommend going forward.

One thing you can be sure of, it will NOT be SquareSpace.

I’ll let you know more soon. However, if you are a managed hosting or full service website management client don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

“Google recently entered into an agreement for Squarespace, Inc. to acquire all domain name registrations from Google Domains, with the purchase subject to regulatory approval and customary closing conditions. If the transaction closes, you will become a Squarespace customer and, following a transition period, your customer and billing information, if applicable, will be transferred to Squarespace, at which point Squarespace’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service will apply.”

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