Let’s Encrypt Issues 1 Billion FREE SSL Certificates!

Want to make your website rank higher on Google for FREE?

Google stated that they were going to rank sites with SSL certificates higher than sites without them more than a year ago.  Now, if you go to a website without one you’ll likely see a warning appear on your browser, this can be confusing and often scares people away from proceeding further – even more reason to get one installed!

An SSL certificate encrypts the transmission of data from your website to the web browser that your viewer is using.  It proves that no one has intercepted the content and messed with it.  You don’t have to be an e-commerce website for this to be important.  Trust is everything on the web.

Get Your FREE SSL Certificate

I’ve been recommending Let’s Encrypt for as long as they have been in operation, about 4-5 years now.  

If you aren’t already using a FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, then ask your web hosting provider to install one for free.

Shortly after that, the next time your site gets indexed, Google will rank you higher due to the increased security and trust that having an SSL Certificate installed gives you.

BTW:  If your web hosting company doesn’t offer FREE SSL certificates through Let’s Encrypt, then consider moving to Market Street’s WordPress website hosting – because we provide them with every web hosting account.

I like to think that basic security, like locks on the windows and doors of your house, shouldn’t cost you more – it should be a part of the package.

Now on to the ZDNet article:

ZDNet Reports that Let’s Encrypt Issued Their 1 Billionth SSL Certificate

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