Speed up Your Computer and Increase Efficiency

Today’s Tech Tip:

If you want to make a noticeable difference in the speed of your computers and the people that use them I can help.

One very effective way to improve your computer’s speed is to replace your computer’s slow mechanical drive with a solid state drive (SSD) that works up to 10x faster.

Starting a computer that used to take 2 minutes, now takes 15-20 seconds because all programs, including the operating system, load from storage that much faster. Because file operations of any kind move faster, all of this makes your PC work faster and become less frustrating to use.

Replacing an older PC’s (3 years or older) mechanical disk drive will increase the potential lifespan of the computer as well because you replace an older mechanical device that was at the end of it’s reliable life span with a solid state device with another 3-6 years of life.  So not only does an SSD speed up the older computer, it also helps it to be productive and reliable for a longer period of time.  

By increasing a PC’s useful lifespan you also reduce your overall technology expenses over time.  Even the accounting department thinks getting SSD’s for older computers is a good idea.  🙂

Speaking of the accounting department, SSD’s used to be quite expensive and reserved only for high-end video editing and graphics intensive workstations.  Due to the popularity of tablets and smart phones, which also use solid state memory for data storage, the cost of SSD’s for PC’s has come down to what I consider reasonable levels. 

Give me a call at (319) 247-0225 if you would like help making your computer faster and be productive longer.

I Am Here to Help You

I go a step further than most and actually show you simple ways you can tune your online marketing and real world use of technology resources for better results.  

In addition, I give you as much education as possible to help you do what you want without having to come back to me for help – although I am always happy to help anytime you decide you want further assistance and advice.  

Make Market Street your small business I.T. department and I.T. adviser.  Setting up computers, networking, replacing old school Microsoft servers with modern NAS devices, creating and maintaining campus-wide wireless networks are examples of what I do regularly.  

I also create effective websites, setup and integrate with online accounts like Google My Business, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube; websites I build have automated Email Newsletters, auto-posting to social media accounts, as well as numerous behind the scenes things that help your organization grow your audience and generate more leads and engagement.  

Let Me Help You Grow

Whether you are a non-profit organization or a for-profit business, big or small, Market Street can improve your existing use of technology resources, website and social media presence and get them working together in harmony.  

Our social media management services, in-depth training, coaching and comprehensive real-world strategic technology consulting is proven to help you work smarter, not harder.  

Contact me if you want to work smarter and grow faster.