Social Media Sucks. Or does it?

Recently overheard a social media expert (someone I actually respect) on a podcast say that Facebook’s organic reach (OR) is somewhere between 1% & 2%. Honestly, I was surprised, I didn’t think it had sunk that low.

Last I knew the social media outlet was hovering around 5.2% OR. So I looked for a reference that would confirm the dismal numbers overheard on the podcast.

Assume that 2% of your followers see your post in their feed.

Then, for growth to happen, they need to take an action, like, share, click, or contact you.

The odds of a call to action (CTA) being acted upon on any post is probably at best 30%.

The most common CTA on FB is going to be hitting the “like” button and moving on to the next thing in their feed. The next likely is “sharing”, followed last by clicking on a link or contacting you directly.

Say you have 100 followers, with 2% organic reach this means only 2 of those people see your post in their feed.

We aren’t even going to talk about whether these are “real” followers or just friends and family. I don’t want to go down that rabbit hole right now.

We know that these 2 people will see your post in their feed. 7/10 of them don’t click, they don’t share, they don’t like. They just “see” it in their feed and move on.

Social media sucks. Or does it?

I want to suggest 2 opposing strategic takeaways from this. I’ll happily debate them with you in the comments for a brief while.

Idea (1)

If you want to get organic growth from social media you will need to post a lot of content, content that gets attention AND causes the viewer to take action.

You need to do this frequently, very frequently. Daily posting is going to be your target here.

However, you also need each of your posts to be remarkable. Make the viewer pause and take action of some kind.

Idea (2)

If you don’t have the time, energy or creativity for the above approach, simply be realistic and don’t expect organic growth to come from social media without paying for ads.

Because, if you aren’t paying for ads, you can’t expect to get your post in front of enough people to make a real improvement in your growth curve.

What do you think?


Are you part of my 2% reach and have seen this post in your timeline organically?

Or, do you come to my page routinely to see what is going on.

Because that’s another way social media can be effective. Becoming a resource that your audience chooses to go to regularly. Maybe for entertainment and/or education.

But, that’s a topic for another discussion.

Research done via these links/articles

  • – What’s the difference between organic, paid and post reach?

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