Does Time = Money?

Today’s Tech Talk

This is a follow up post and video to my earlier post about speeding up your computer and increasing efficiency.  A client of mine recently had me install a solid state drive (SSD) in one of their PC’s because its hard disk drive died.  I was also lucky enough to be working on another of their computers at the same time, one with a normal hard disk (mechanical hard disk drive). 

Both PC’s have the exact same software environment and the same hardware.  The only difference is the new SSD in the PC on the right.

Since I wasn’t likely to see this sort of apples-to-apples comparison come up again in the near future I couldn’t resist setting them up side by side and showing the real world difference between the two otherwise identical PC’s.

Did You Know
Almost all desktop computers come with mechanical hard drives. The majority of laptops also come with mechanical hard disk drives standard. However, many high-end laptops use SSDs.

The Good
Any operation that involves reading or writing to the hard drive will see this sort of performance improvement.

Essentially anytime you start or end a program, open or close a document, spreadsheet or any type of file.

Where an SSD really pays off huge is when working in operations that have a lot of disk access like video or audio editing.

The Bad
For normal basic business tasks, once you’ve opened up a document or spreadsheet and are working in it you would not expect to see any real difference in speed.  At this point the slowest piece of the process is the actual person doing the typing.

Shades of Gray
However, if you open and close numerous files throughout the day, with some of them moderately large in size, then you can see daily business tasks speed up noticeably.  This is due to the cumulative effect of frequent small time savings multiplied over several operations.  

In The Real World
Bookkeeping programs often have large files and you can see an improvement opening and closing them.  As a matter of fact, I run my actual bookkeeping computer off of an SSD because of this and because it is an older computer.  

IMHO, by replacing an older PC’s hard disk drive (one around 3+ years old) you can possibly gain another 2 years of useful life out of that older computer due to the performance gain and because you’ve replaced one of the most common failure points in an aging computer.

FYI:  In my 25+ years of experience, the most common failure points for an older computer are the hard disk drive, the power supply and the system cooling fans – in that order.

Show Me The Money
I’ve actually been able to successfully demonstrate to clients when they should replace their computer systems based largely upon the performance gains made with a new system versus continuing to use the old ones. 

There’s more to it than this, but, basically by showing the increased number of potential transactions they could perform in a week or month.  If you have big ticket items combined with sales prospecting this can make a real improvement in business efficiency and profitability.

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