Facebook for Business

picture of a Facebook page for business

You may not know this, but, Facebook actually wants your business to succeed and grow.

How does Facebook want to help?  Facebook has articles on their site targeted at any business person that uses Facebook.  These articles are open to the world to view, you do NOT need to be a Facebook user to read and reference them (at least not at this time).  The ultimate goal of these articles are to help you generate more business or improve your interaction with your target audience.

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$39 for 100 Professional Stock Photos

I’ve found a interesting deal on photos with one of the big stock photo websites, DepositPhotos.com, for you to consider. It lets you have 100 professional stock photos for only $39.

It appears that this deal gives you credits for 100 photos with no expiration date, no “must buy by this date” or other purchasing restrictions that I can find.

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